*Razor*: **<<razorName>>** (<<setting>>)  
*Blade*: **<<bladeName>>** (<<useCount>>)  
*Lather*: **<<soapOrLatherName>>**  
*Brush*: **<<brushName>>** (<<brushUses>> uses)  
*Post*: <<postShaveName>>  


[Gear Pic](<<urlToImgur>>) :: [Video](<<urlToYouTubeVid>>)

#### ❧ General Notes / TL;DR  
<<text here>>

#### ❧ Razor and Blade Notes
*^(<<razorName>> Setting <<settingNumber/Letter>> ::: <<bladeName>> ‹<<bladeUses>> uses›)*

<<text here>>

#### ❧ Soap Notes

Them: "<<Maker's info about scent>>"

Scent: <<your own take on the scent>>

Scent Strength: 5/10, <<human-friendly word like "nicely", or "barely">> present during shaving.

Lather: <<lather info: creaminess, slickness>>

Hydration: <<hydration descriptive word: perfect, too-wet, too-dry, etc>> *(for me)*

+ <<loadDuration>> sec load with a <<brushHydrationAtStart: "lightly-wet", "soaking" etc.>> brush
+ ... OR ...
+ <<scoopAmt>> tsp with a <<brushHydrationAtStart: "lightly-wet", "soaking" etc.>> brush
+ <<waterAddedAmt>> tsp added to build the lather
+ = <<number of passes of lather made>> passes of lather

Bowl: <<bowlName>>

#### ❧ Brush Notes
*^(<<brushName>> ‹<<brushUsesCount>> uses›)*

<<your feelings on the brush experience>>

*During the Shave Feel*:  
  *Cheeks*: <<how the razor/blade felt on your face>>  
  *Neck*: <<how razor/blade felt on your neck>>  
*After the Shave Closeness*:  
  *Cheeks*: <<how close you got on your face>>  
  *Neck*: <<how close you got on your neck>>  


**Shavers Map** - [here it is](http://www.freezingcode.com/shaving/shaversMap.cfm) *and also in the sub's sidebar.*

**Ending of Blades Ledger** - [entry form](https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdYqXSDujvoO1hVl_wSKMeETWdxFnYJCrqr0zU7FStBdIMrfg/viewform) and [the data spreadsheet](https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1y-oqIPSHKcb0EYd9OxL2n-R4Y6yxqid6-NGYS_4_ljU/edit?usp=sharing)