Online 3D Printing Services

Created: 2020/4/2 :: Modified: 2020/4/2

Ones of which I've heard good reports so far...


One YouTube viewer, Buzz, had a good experience with MakeXYZ...

Brackets mine..

I used Makexyz service and I was surprised at the wide variance in the quotations I received. I did find a local provider who made it [the lather bowl] up for $20 and because he was very close to where I live there was no shipping cost. The highest estimate I got was like $70, which I thought at the time and still do was a lot of money for a machine produced plastic bowl.

And another quote where he mentioned the same service...

For my bowl I used I found out that they are a referral base firm. I got quotes from to local providers, one was a high school student that gave me a price of $45 and the second was a engineer that does 3D printing on the side for $20. I went with the $20 price and could not be happier. Please note that since the person I used was local there was no shipping involved. Hope that this helps anyone looking for one of these bowls.


Here's a quote from Gape, one of my YouTube viewers, who wanted to share his info on the subject...

Sgrdddy, feel free to share the information below the next time that you use the Roger Quintero bowl in a video.

I recently had the Roger Quintero XL bowl made by an online, 3D printing service. I used Craftcloud by All3DP.

I uploaded the files and was given a quote along with the manufacturer. I guess that Craftcloud assigns your to files to a manufacturer that has agreed to partner with them, and that manufacturer then prints what you uploaded.

My bowl was printed by Treatstock in the US. I had no contact with Treatstock and all of the emails that recieved regarding my order were from Craftcloud.

I opted to have the bowl made out of PET instead of PLA. PLA was maybe $3 or $4 cheaper. The price that I paid was $25.40, including $8 shipping. I placed the order on the 11th of January, and received the bowl on the 17th or January.

When I was placing the order the website said it could take up to 9 days to print, and 3 or 4 days to ship. I was pleasantly surprised that the bowl had been printed and shipped in only 6 days.

The quality of the bowl seems reasonable. There were some stringy bits of plastic with it arrived, but I was able to clean them off with no issue.

The experience with Craftcloud was pleasurable and I would recommend their service.

The design of the bowl is fantastic. Roger did a great job with it. I also got a quote from FicTiv and their quote was something like $90.

TreatStock - Hudson Studios

Says Logan...

Check out Hudson Creative Group, on Treatstock. Justin there is the highest rated 3dprinter on treatstock and will help you out at all steps along the way to make sure you get what you like printed.

Logan's instructions...

  1. For a quote on the Bowl, click on the "order 3d print" button there, and upload the Xlarge_bowl file.
  2. Choose PLA for material, and the color you are interested in. Special colors or materials might add to cost, but I got a nice deep blue color for a very reasonable price.
  3. I asked tons of questions at first and Justin made sure I got what I wanted and it's been a fantastic lather bowl. Best I ever used!