Blade Marathon Secrets

Created: 2020/5/7 :: Modified: 2022/11/28

I've been asked quite a bit what I do to get so many uses out of a blade. I'm going to keep this page as my master list of info covering this question.

My Blade Marathon/Hypermiling Credentials

I have taken one Nacet blade to 495 uses, as of today (Nov 28, 2022), and another, a Feather, is old: in his 60s or 70s. Several others are in their 30s. The Feather's high numbers are especially noteworthy because many claim Feathers dull more quickly than other blades.

I've been using my Nacet since 2018, just before August. So it has definitely not been used consecutively.

So while I may have some of the highest usage numbers you've seen, it's just been with mainly one blade so far. A marathon takes a long time to run, as it turns out.

But, I'll share with you my experience, best guesses, and theories, and we'll see if that is any help.

So, how do I do it? Well, the first two, I believe, are the most important...

Theories and/or Things I cannot confirm are having any effect:

What I don't do:



Why are you using a blade for so long? Why are you enduring slightly tuggy shaves (or worse) when you could have smoother ones with younger blades?
  1. I am just scientifically curious how many uses I can get out of a blade. When my run on my first marathon Nacet is done, I will likely not test any more Nacets for such a long duration.
  2. I want to combat the myth that you need to throw your blade away after 3-5 uses, which has spread among the shaving community. Most shavers can enjoy smooth shaves well after that.
  3. In trying to stretch one's blade use, one of the best ways is to improve your shaving technique. If more people do that, even if they go back to using blades for just a few uses, then I'm happy to have contributed to better shaves for them.
  4. While blades are relatively inexpensive for most shavers, there are those out there for whom they are not. If my advice on technique and making blades go farther can help them spend less on blades and have better shaves, then that makes me happy.
  5. There are also folks who don't buy an expensive blade that they like because of the cost, like Feathers, Kais, or Bolzanos. If a shaver can learn to get 20 comfortable shaves from one of these higher-cost blades, then that lowers their cost over time, and makes the expensive blades actually cost more like a budget option.
  6. There are also beloved blades, like PolSilvers, that have been discontinued. If a shaver can get more uses out of their limited supply, then I'm glad to have helped them do that.
Do you just do a one or two pass shave, to cut down on the blade wear?
Nope. In fact, for most of the blade's life, I do a 3.5 or 4 pass shave.
Do you have a sparse beard, or very thin hair?
After seeing many men's beards, I think my density is average. It might be a tick sparser than average: like maybe a 4 instead of a 5 on a scale of 10. But the coarseness of my hairs seems to be average or even a little more wiry than average.