Soft Shaving Brush Knots

Created: 2020/11/1 :: Modified: 2020/11/1

While I do enjoy a nice soft Finest Badger/2-band knot, I am especially fond of soft 3-band Silvertip knots. These are ones that I've tried and can heartily recommend.

I am listing the sizes with many of these knots, just to show what I've tried, and not to say that those sizes are the only ones that offer great features.

My Favorites

These have wonderful soft tips, and a cloud-soft splay.

Elite Razors High Mtn White
Kent BK8
Maseto Silvertip 24mm
The Golden Nib Silvertip Premium
Whipped Dog Silvertip 22mm
Zenith Silvertip P10

Second String

These have soft tips, but not quite as nice as the above list. But they still have an enjoyable, easy splay.

Frank Shaving Silvertip 22mm
VigShaving / Virginia Cheng Silvertip 24mm
Yaqi Silvertip 24mm

Easy Splay 2-Bands

2-Band/Finest badger knots often have amazing soft tips, but can have too much backbone for easy splay. These are some two-bands that I've tried that still had easy splay.

Stirling Finest Fan 24mm
The Golden Nib Finest Super
Maggard Razors 2-Band 22mm
Frank Shaving Finest Badger