Shaving Brush Knot Vendors and Sources

Created: 2023/3/13 :: Modified: 2023/3/13

Places I have experience getting shaving brush knots...

Oumo Store on AliExpress
Great source for badger, boar, and synthetic knots at good prices. If you don't want to pay for an artisan-tied badger knot, then check out their Manchurian SHD or Handmaster knots.
Declaration Grooming
Artisan-tied knots of great reknown, so therefore on the expensive side. You don't get separate knots from DG actually, but you can send Scott a handle and he'll put one of his in it for you. This is a great way to go since his knots with his own handles sell out so quickly.
Maggard Razors
Great source for badger, boar, and synthetic knots. The SHD badger they have here is the same as the Oumo Handmaster badger, if I recall correctly.
AP Shave Co
Great source for synthetic knots, especially. Andrew there, has been of great help, and knows his stuff.
Elite Razor
Long time vendor of quality knots.
The Golden Nib
Long time vendor of quality knots. Last time I looked, they were a little cheaper than Elite.
Mozingo Brushworks
Artisan-tied knots, I hear. No personal experience with this vendor yet.
I understand that you can get their boar knots separately, but it seems difficult to find a url. If you can speak Italian, you might have more luck.
Whipped Dog
Good boar knots, IMO. Decent quality badger knots for reasonable prices. I especially like the silvertip from them, for the price. It is soft and luxurious.
Frank Shaving
Reasonable quality knots. I have had one of theirs for years that I like a great deal: Finest Badger High Density.
Chisel and Hound
I thought at one point they had their Fanchurian knot sold separately, but today I could not find it on their site. But his handles are amazing, whenever he has done a drop of recent ones he's made. You can buy his brushes assembled or not, I think.
DS Cosmetics
I understand that their boars are fairly low quality, so I'd seek out someone else first.
Virginia Sheng
Used to be a good source for inexpensive, reasonable quality badger knots. Their current ebay store site now, however, seems like they may be less active than in the past.