Travel and Storage Cases for Shaving Razors and Brushes

Created: 2022/6/30 :: Modified: 2022/6/30

What are some good travel options for one's brush and razor?

I answered a question like this on Reddit once, with my opinions/perspective, and thought I'd put it online here, too, and add to it as needed, to maybe help folks know the kinds of things that are out there.

I find that traveling often has you with a slightly damp brush. As such, I like to keep them separate, so the moisture doesn't affect the razor and blades. So let's look at separate razor and brush travel options.

For Razors

One of my all time favorites is a smaller zippered case. They're not too expensive, have a reasonably small footprint, are good quality, and fit many sizes of razor.

A zippered leather razor pouch like this is pretty much always in my bag with a razor in it.

They also have a canvas version, which I have, but the zipper is not as smooth. I still like it, partially because if I travel with the leather one and the canvas, then it's easier to find the razor I want on the first shot.

They also make a variation that has a side pocket which looks cool.

If I have a three-piece razor, and want to carry an additional baseplate, then the first case I turn to is likely this one in PU leather. I like this one a lot, because things go in and out of it easier than working with the elastics in the khaki types. Plus, if you carry multiple razors at a time, one can view the razor through the sides of the case to identify the contents. In the khaki version we'll look at in a minute, you have to open it up to see.

And this one also has this handy undocumented feature, where a blade can be put under the main outside flap for transportation to one's bathroom. The magnets that keep the flap shut also hold the blade in place. I would not recommend keeping the blade there while traveling great distances, though. You can keep the blades in the second pouch inside, of course, and many do. But I usually find that I keep a second razor baseplate there instead.

The stitching on a couple of mine is not perfect, and in one case goes off on a strange tangent ... but for $6, I don't mind. It doesn't seem to affect the function.

This remake of Gillette's vintage khaki set fits many standard 3 piece razors, and has a pretty small footprint. It also comes in black, at Maggards. Another small business, Spearhead Shaving, has made a high-quality version of the khaki case as well. It's a little more expensive, but it's stitched at a higher quality, is super sturdy, is made in the USA, and he's a great guy. You can also get them direct from Spearhead as well. Another cheap Chinese version here.

There are flap and snap style cases like this for your razor, which will fit just about anything, even if the razor cant be disassembled or has a thicker handle. However, I don't usually like these, since often the top of the razor can move from side to side inside it, and part of the head can stick out the side, getting dinged by stuff in your kit.

With these, you may want to make sure that the interior has a liner keeping the inside of the snap from contact with the razor. That could turn to corrosion over time and longer term storage.

If you don't care about the handle getting dinged, or dinging anything else in your kit, there are covers that fit just the head, and come in plastic or leather. Sometimes these can cover a razor head that has a blade still in it, which may be a good thing for some out there.

For my fancier razors, I've considered a nicer zippered case like this one. It can carry more than just the razor in it, like blades, even another razor sometimes, or another baseplate (for those razors with multiples), and maybe a styptic pencil or soap sample. It is also a good option for one-piece/TTO razors. Another from Chinese site.

For Brushes

I like this kind of plastic screw together tube for brush travel the best. It fits all but the largest of brushes in my collection. It can also handle longer brushes, which I have a few of, because you don't have to screw it all the way down.

There are also nice leather wraps as well, if your wallet allows it.

Here are some other alternative/economical/DIY options. With some, you'd be wise to drill some holes for ventilation.

Spice containers e.g from the Dollar Tree.
Tall pill bottles from your pharmacy.
Cylindrical parts containers from your local home improvement store.
PVC pipe with end caps.

There are also some cases out there that hold it all, like this one from QShave on amazon, but you have to stick with a brush that will fit in it, and like I said, I prefer to keep the moisture from the brush away from my razor and blades via separate containers.

Note that many of my links are to Maggard Razors. They are a great business for the shaving user and do a lot for us. But Amazon will have some of this stuff (or stuff like it) too, as will a site like